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We’ve met some lovely people since we launched My Plus One in Berlin in 2012. Here are a few testimonials we’re very proud to share with you.

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John Alper (US) - 7 May 2014

Marianna was lovely and her communication in setting up our tour by email was excellent

Katja Klemola (Finland) - 7 January 2014

We had a great stay in Berlin in New Year’s time. The flat was awesome and everything was as described. The location was perfect, too. Isabel was really friendly and helpful. Thanks to her we managed to go shopping some groceries in last minute before the shops closed in New Year’s eve.

Esther van Onna (The Netherlands) - 6 January 2014

We had set up a meeting with Marianna, what a nice, friendly and spontaneous girl! And she knew so much of the area and gave us great recommendations. We really enjoyed talking to her and getting all the information which we thought we needed.

Chris Foster (UK) - 12 September 2013

I was absolutely thrilled to meet Shuah the other day. She recommended a fantastic place in Neukoelln and was extremely friendly and kind. It was fantastic to get her insider knowledge. All in all – it was a fantastic short local experience

Michelle Elisio (UK) - 6 September 2013

I just wanted to thank you for a lovely stay in Berlin. Jen and I had an amazing time and the apartment was wonderful

Miguel Pecchia (Switzerland) - 11 July 2013

Our experience with Anne was very good, she gave us a good amount of valuable hints relative to things to do/see and a lot of great information for our project; she actually had a much more educated view on the matter than we expected. The place she chose to meet was exactly what we like and we very much enjoyed breakfast there.

Judy Gessner (US) - 17 April 2013

I’m so glad I found your website and booked a local. Jeroen was perfect. He even did research about what we wanted to see and had so much information for us and a great afternoon planned. We were totally impressed. Thanks.

Meredith Van Eeuwen (UK) - 9 April 2013

My local Kiera was warm, knowledgeable, interesting and open – it felt like I was hanging out with a friend. It truly made my time in Berlin much more rewarding – there would have been a layer of the city I would have missed out on if it wasn’t for Kiera.

Allison King (UK) - 11 March 2013

Just a note to say thank you so much for letting me stay at Plus One Berlin. I am very sad to be leaving tomorrow but I am determined to return. My guide Marianna was a fantastic highlight of my trip so far. It was so great to feel like a visiting friend rather than a tourist and she had the perfect itinerary to match the not so great weather. The apartment is great also with everything you need to feel like a home away from home. Thanks again and I hope to be back in the near future.

Saswitha de Kok (The Netherlands) - 6 November 2012

We had a great time! Loved the apartment and had a good time with Liam. We’ll certainly recommend Plus One!

Madjita Saounera (UK) - 14 October 2012

Awesome, this is the experience I’ve been looking for when travelling the world, Chapeau Clare. Massive thank you.

Iris and Anni Haake (Germany) - 10 July 2012

We absolutely enjoyed a wonderful weekend in Berlin. We loved this gorgeous flat! The design is so beautiful and all the nice little details showed that someone really cared. And we loved the location in the new hip area “Neukölln”. Our local +1 was brilliant! He was so friendly, warm, extremely knowledgeable and made us feel as we were meeting a friend. He showed us beautiful and hidden places in Kreuzberg –a lot Berliners wouldn’t know of – and we learnt many interesting, quirky and also funny facts. The highlight was an amazing sunset we will never forget. All in all a fantastic experience. Thanks Clare and Plus One! We can’t wait to return.

Tomo Murakami (Japan) - 23 June 2012

Great concept and loved the bed / apartment! Very well located in a constantly evolving new area of Neukölln and the tips from the Locals was extremely helpful!

Nicholas Farnden (Canada) - 13 June 2012

I had a great time at Plus One. If you are traveller who cares to find the local vibe, meet interesting people and connect with the heart beat of Berlin, this place is for you. The room is modern, detailed and is comfortable, the neighbourhood is cool and up and coming  and both of my plus one experiences (I stayed long enough for two) made my experience memorable. Thanks!

Sascha and Alexia - 13 June 2012

We had a great evening with Kai, his plan for bar/club hopping was diverse and could accommodate both Sascha’s and my taste (electronic/indy rock). I really enjoyed the flat and the whole concept. Your recommendations for places to have breakfast were a perfect fit for us.

Anne Ditmeyer (France) - 28 May 2012

Only a couple days into my visit to Berlin and my local made me feel like I already had friends in the city. I loved that part of our outing was happenstance in terms of what was going on that day. With all the talk of interactivity and technology, it’s easy to forget that the best way to engage is through human face-to-face encounters. Great fun!

Marguax Derhy (France) - 14 May 2012

Fabulous experience. Amazing location, beautiful flat, wonderful local. A ‘must do’ for every single fancy traveller.