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July 15th 2014

Great British Design

From gadgets, to illustration, to furniture: London offers some of the most exciting and innovative design. Here are a few of Founder Clare's favourite new products from the New Designers show.

Great British Design - July 15th 2014

From gadgets, to illustration, to furniture: London offers some of the most exciting and innovative design. As well as great design institutions, such as the Design Museum and Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, there are many design shows throughout the year, including Clerkenwell Design Week, 100% Design and New Designers. Recently Founder Clare visited New Designers to check out the new design talent. Here’s a roundup of her favourite ideas and innovations:

Extract: Edible paint and print products by Effie Koukia


Concerned with the health and safety of graffiti and art products, which include petroleum, Effie Koukia, a recent graduate from the Edinburgh College of Art, has created a range of safe and eco-friendly art products called ‘Extract’. The biodegrable ingredients in each product are derived from natural and sustainable sources and make them safe enough to eat, meaning they can be used safely by children and those with respiration problems.

Flux by Rachael Johnston

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With an ageing population, the need for clever design products for the elderly is increasing. Flux is a clever video chat device that allows the elderly to chat easily to family via Google hangouts. Family members can join the call from any device, and when it’s not in use a static photo fades according to when you last connected. We love the simple wooden interface with its large wooden buttons!

My Own Desk by James Rice


The humble school desk has never been that inspiring, but James Rice’s new invention could change all that. With ‘My Own Desk’ pupils can design, build and personalize a compartment drawer that fits in to any desk in the room. They can choose its colour, and also have their initials engraved in to it.

T Flat-Pack Furniture by Declan Goulder


For the nomadic of us, moving our belongings, including one’s furniture, can be a real pain. To solve this problem Declan Goulder, a recent graduate of Sheffield Hallam University, has created a clever range of flat-pack furniture that can be easily dismantled, packed and moved. The range has been designed, sourced and manufactured in the North of England, providing jobs to local craftsmen.

Take 2 Reclaim Table by Claire Kirby


This wooden table was made using two types of church flooring. It’s the first product of Claire’s ‘Now U Want it’ range, all designed and created using reclaimed items. Claire has more ideas in the pipeline, including a bread bin slash chopping board, place mats and a wooden cake stand.

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