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May 5th 2015

New locals; great new experiences!

We're excited to welcome four new locals for Amsterdam, Paris and London! Read on to learn more about them or send a booking enquiry now and meet them in person.

New locals; great new experiences! - May 5th 2015

We’re excited to welcome four new locals for London, Amsterdam and Paris, all offering great new experiences! Read on to learn more about them, or register / login now and send a booking enquiry here.


Described as a ‘walking Time Out’ by his friends, Paul knows London’s arts and culture scene inside out. He can take you to great openings, events and parties, and show you anything from underground warehouse parties to the jewellery quarter of Hatton Garden with its underground vaults and subterranean rivers. Meet Paul here!


Audrey is a born-and-bred Parisian who can show you the city’s many secret, in-the-know places and new restaurants. Meet Audrey here!


Anke is a journalist, singer and harp player who can take you on a walk through the city showing you the most interesting fashion and design stores and caf├ęs. She’s also happy to play her portable harp and sing songs about the city! Meet Anke here!


Britton loves storytelling and meeting new people and can take you for a tasty brunch on a boat or on a ride on a historical tram. Meet Britton here!

Do you want to be a local in your city? We’re always looking for great locals to join our community. Learn more or apply now here.