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My Plus One


My Plus One launched in Berlin in March 2012 with 15 friends and one studio. Since then, the community has grown to nearly 100 locals and 14 accommodation partners across 5 cities. Here is Founder Clare’s story…

“Like most people these days, I love to travel. My passion for exploring new places has taken me far and wide – from living in Shanghai and Buenos Aires to whale watching in New Zealand. Living in the heart of Europe has given me plenty of opportunities to indulge this passion. There is nothing more exciting to me than hopping on a plane somewhere and getting lost in a city for a day or two, discovering new places, gathering new ideas and being inspired in the process.

Most of us travel these days and often know people abroad. But if you’re going somewhere you don’t know, perhaps for business or just an adventure, it’s easy to waste time seeing the wrong places, getting lost or ending up in tourist traps. I created My Plus One to solve these problems, and to make travelling easier and more affordable for busy people like myself.  First, we handpicked a very special group of places to stay (aka our accommodation partners) that aren’t just stylish and conveniently located, but affordable at the same time. I started the business with one studio in Berlin, created with the help of a fantastic architect, Paola Bagna, and JP Coss. Since then, I’ve partnered with other similar accommodations – places that inspire me, that are situated in bustling neighbourhoods, or those which attract a similarly-minded crowd. Next, we carefully curated our community of locals. We either chose people we knew or who are friends of ours, or, if we hadn’t met them before, we interviewed them to make sure we really got to know them in person. I’ve done this with the help of some great City Partners who you can read more about on the team page. We’ve made the booking process quick and easy by allowing you to submit an enquiry to all of the locals at the same time. Then, you simply have to wait to see which experiences and activities they can offer you, and choose your favourite!

I’ve been fortunate to have the support of some brilliant people on my journey building this business. Special thanks goes to all those on the team page, as well as Toby, Paul, Paola, Kiera, Vilmar, Irene, Martin, and most of all, to my wonderful parents and family. I hope My Plus One brings you much fun, enjoyment and new friends. Please feel free to share your experiences via social media, or email me on  Happy travels x”